Saturday, 10 April 2010

Monday, 5 April 2010

If Angels can fall, so can God.

Each fallen angel shall meet their risen angel, in time and space.. which as they kiss, consume.
God be decived by all he trusts,
for god is who was build to lust.
He hides in heaven, scared of his own creation.
Scared of humans, and each great nation
In turning slumber man shall wake,
when the time is right, the spell shall break
The darkness shall be a lure...
For the whole of gods creation, to endure.


Friday, 2 April 2010

Bliss ♥

Well, What can I say? Perfection lives. Spent the past few days with a few of my good friends. Had a great party, amazing, very eventful, saw my Steph Monster going to Turkey for a week on Sunday, and when I get back, moving onto Contract phone, which means more Twitter, Facebook and Blog updates, also, I'm going blonde babey :P Garnier Belle 110 Natural Extra Light Hair Dye ;)
Tres Smexual ;)
Then Summer will come.
Whole new hair for a whole new me.
Although, I am pretty worried about going blonde, in case it goes ginger, I decided...
Light ginger; Rebleach.
Ginger: Dye brown again

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


So Happy at this very moment in time (: Everything is so wonderful and amazing, I don't want any of it to end. Once You feel the heat through your skinny jeans you know that Summer Is On its way :D

Summer. Summer. Summer.
The Time of year when clothes are less, and raw beauty is needed.
The Time of year when you can go around topless and get away with it.
The time of year when you can go to parties and get off with who ever.
The time of year when you complain it's too warm.
The time of year where you wanna walk around in your underwear.
The time of year, to relax.
Yes, Summer is a big hit for most people.

For Me, Summer Is a good time,
Because It means I can dance around, wear less, go topless.
Wear new clothes, run up my parents' credit cards. Go swimming. Meet cute guys, and most of all, have fun. Plus, at my school, Summer means we're allowed to go onto the field to sun bathe, or if you prefer... run around and try to "pile" on people. Either way, its a very exiting time. :P

Everything rolled into 1 season.
However, still being in spring these events are still yet to come.
But, hey, nothings to say I cant plan for summer now

TheHeartMonster x

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Going Blonde With Live Colour XXL

Okeii, I don't have a photo for this post :( Sorry guys x
But I need your help and advice.
I wish to dye my hair blonde, as in... BLONDE BLONDE.
My Mum is really unstable about the Idea, and I wanna make her think it's safe and won't fuck up my hair.
I want to use Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL Blonde dye, because My Friend used that, and it came out beautifully on her.
I just need a few words of advice on how to let my Mum, let me dye it blonde.

Thanks Guys x
TheHeartMonster x

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Poker Face Shoot

Okeii, Just started sketching and mock modelling for my new Art Project. I Call It "Poker Facing" its about how people hide what they really are, behind a mask. That they're bluffing or hiding, to escape their fears, its mainly aimed at the expression " Poker Facing your Sexuality" in which gay people, have to hide it, because of what others may think or do. My main moral to this collection, is that everyone should set themselves free. That its good to be a freak. Because I've never fitted into my school even among my friends, and Art gave me a way to be free, and I want my Art to do the same for others. Xxx