Tuesday, 16 March 2010


So Happy at this very moment in time (: Everything is so wonderful and amazing, I don't want any of it to end. Once You feel the heat through your skinny jeans you know that Summer Is On its way :D

Summer. Summer. Summer.
The Time of year when clothes are less, and raw beauty is needed.
The Time of year when you can go around topless and get away with it.
The time of year when you can go to parties and get off with who ever.
The time of year when you complain it's too warm.
The time of year where you wanna walk around in your underwear.
The time of year, to relax.
Yes, Summer is a big hit for most people.

For Me, Summer Is a good time,
Because It means I can dance around, wear less, go topless.
Wear new clothes, run up my parents' credit cards. Go swimming. Meet cute guys, and most of all, have fun. Plus, at my school, Summer means we're allowed to go onto the field to sun bathe, or if you prefer... run around and try to "pile" on people. Either way, its a very exiting time. :P

Everything rolled into 1 season.
However, still being in spring these events are still yet to come.
But, hey, nothings to say I cant plan for summer now

TheHeartMonster x

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