Sunday, 7 February 2010

How to look fit?

Okeii, So As You Know, I'm TheHeartMonster (:

I Want To Know, What You All Like, So Answer These Questions For me Please, and Post it as a comment...

1) What Colour Hair is fittest?
a. Blonde
b. Light Brown
c. Dark Brown
d. Black

2) Freckles...
a. Cute
b. Ugly

3) Which is the most attractive Hair Cut?
a. Short, Gelled Chav Hair
b. Long, Dark Or Blonde Emo Hair
c. Regular Long Guy Hair

And Any Other Ways You Think I Could Look Hotter With.
Anything, From Make Up, To Hair, To Clothes, To How I wear Underwear.
Anything that will make me look fitter for my next photo shoot.

Thankies (: x

Fit For A Model?

Okeii, I'm 14, Bisexual,
Dark Blonde/Light Brown Hair
Hair Being Dyed Brown Soon
Hair Being Bleached and Dyed Blonde In October
Brown Freckles (Which I dislike) and Green Eyes (Which Change Colour, And However I wear coloured contacts a lot, even though I don't need glasses.)

I Wear, in my own opinion, really fashionable clothes, I'm not scared to wear anything.
I am a little photogenic, I get about 1 good shot out of every about 6 I take, So I delete The Rest.
Into Fashion, Art, Drama, Expressive Arts, Dancing, Singing, Designing, Graphics, Photography.

Would You Say I Would Make a Good Male Model?
If So, Thank You,
If Not, Why? What Should I Change?
What Hair Colour Shall I go With?